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Layouts define positioning for all of the content that appears on a question slide. Each layout is built with multiple blocks:   

  • Question
  • Answers
  • Media

The blocks borders are not visible in the final quiz.

Actions with layouts:

It’s obvious that different question types, questions with video and audio files and text questions may have different layouts.

The new editor lets you select from nine built-in layouts* or create a custom layout.

Note: For the Intro slide, Result slides, Matching and Hotspot questions works only the limited set of built-in layouts. Anyway, you can create a custom layout for these question types.

Applying a Built-In Layout

By default, all questions have the Default layout applied. There are other standard built-in layouts that you can apply and use.

To apply a built-in layout to a question:

  • Select a question or multiple question that you want to apply a layout to in the Slide View tab 
  • On the Design tab in the Layout group click Layout
  • Select the layout thumbnail from the list of the available layouts

Once you click on the layout thumbnail, the layout will automatically be applied to a question. Text blocks and media resources will be organized according to the selected layout.


 If you have a wide horizontally oriented image and 4 answer choices in your question, it’s recommended to use a built-in horizontal two-column layout.


Creating a Custom Layout

If you do not find any standard layout suitable for your needs, you can create a custom layout.

To create a custom layout:          

  • Move and resize blocks within a question slide
  • Change the number of columns for answer choices

You can remove the Media block if necessary. Later, when you attach a media file to your question, the block will be recovered. The Question and Answer blocks cannot be removed since a question have to contain question text and answer choices. 


Resetting Layouts

Text blocks and media resources that you added to a slide can be easily moved and resized.

If you want to reset their size and position back to the initial layout state, click the Reset button on the toolbar.

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