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To educate your students effectively and engage them in learning and assessments, you have to use various teaching techniques.

iSpring QuizMaker 8 allows instructors to create standardized tests with formal design. To make your quiz more attractive, you can enrich your quiz with custom slide design, rich texts, graphics, animations and modify the layout. 

  • Switch to Slide View to customize the appearance of the selected question.
  • Switch between Design, Insert and Animation tabs to fine-tune your question slide look and feel.  

In Slide View, you can see all your slides (intro, info, question, and result slides) in the list on the left with previews, and all the elements of each slide displayed on the right. Question and answer sections, images, equations, audio and video objects can be rearranged according to your preferences.

You can select multiple slides at once from the list and perform universal edits on them, such as changing the Layout and Answer Columns, or using the Format Background feature. When you select a new background, layout, or answer column configuration, the changes will be made to all slides that you’ve selected from the list on the left.

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