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You can use the new cropping tool to trim an image or delete unwanted parts of an image. Cropping removes or masks areas of a picture by reducing the vertical and horizontal edges.

To crop an image: 

  1. Switch to the Slide View tab in the question list

  2. Select the image that you want to crop and click Crop on the toolbar. You will see the cropping handles around the selected image. To illustrate, lets crop the extra edges of the selected Las Vegas logo.

  3. Then, drag the cropping handles to the center where you want to.

  4. Click outside the image or press Escape on your keyboard to finish editing. 

Even after you crop parts of an image, the cropped parts remain as part of the initial picture file. Though, they are not visible on the slide. You can outcrop your image by dragging the cropping handles away from the center of the picture.

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