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Now, you can record or import a new audio for each question or even feedback and edit your audio file with the new iSpring Audio Editor. 

To get an audio of a better quality, use a good mic when you record that can be easily setup with the iSpring Microphone Setup Wizard

Recording Audio

  1. Switch to the Audio tab and click the Record Audio button. 

  2. The new Sound Recorder window will appear. Click Record and start reading your narration into the microphone.

  3. Stop recording by clicking the Stop button.

  4. You can play the recorded file by clicking the Play button.

  5. Click the Delete button to delete your audio and record another.

  6. Click the Edit Audio button to open the iSpring Audio Editor to trim your audio file, silence parts of it, etc.

  7. Once you are done editing, click OK in the Sound Recorder window. If you want to edit the recorded audio, click the Pencil icon to open the iSpring Audio Editor. 


Clicking the Narration script button will expand the window and show the Narration area. You can add your narrative description there and read it while you record. 


Inserting Audio

To add a new audio file to your question: 

  1. In the Audio tab click Insert Audio

  2. Choose an audio file for upload and click OK

You can edit your audio in the iSpring Audio Editor. Click the Pencil icon to open it. 

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