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iSpring Learn supports the following types of content:

Content TypeFormatUpload from
Courses with quizzes, simulations and screen recordingsHTML5/MP4/.ismpkgiSpring Suite/Web Interface
PresentationsHTML5/MP4/.ismpkgiSpring Suite/Converter Pro/Web Interface

Quizzes and Surveys

.quiz/.ismpkgiSpring QuizMaker/Web Interface
Simulations.scenario/.ismpkgiSpring TalkMaster/Web Interface
Interactions.visuals/.ismpkgiSpring Visuals/Web Interface
FlipbooksHTML5/.ismpkgiSpring Flip/Web Interface
Audio.mp3Web interface

.mp4, ,flv

Web interface
Flash clips.swfWeb interface
SCORM packages (1.2 or 2004 2nd ed., 3rd ed., 4th ed.).zipWeb interface
Reference documents

.doc, .xls, .pdf

Web interface

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