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You can add a user with the addUser method.


credentials (required)credentialsRead the description of the Credentials object.
email (required)stringE-mail address of the new user.
password (optional)stringPassword of the new user. If it's not specified, the password will be generated automatically.
sendLoginEmail (optional, default: true)boolThis parameter determines whether to send an e-mail to the added user.
invitationMessage (optional)stringInvitation text added to the e-mail message.
groups (optional)string[]An array with group IDs, to which a user will be added.


Return Value

After the request has been completed, the system returns an object with the following properties:

userIdstringID of the added user.
exceededGroupsstring[]an array of group IDs, to which a user hasn't been added due to the exceeded user limit.


Possible Errors

Duplicated emaila user with this e-mail address already exists
Number of user accounts is exceededthe number of user accounts supported by a given account is exceeded


Sample Call


Sample Response