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This page opens when you click the Run Report button on the "Manage Content Item" or "Generate report" pages. Input parameters for a generated report are displayed on top of this page (see Generating Report). You can use these parameters to filter data on your reports.

Below the input parameters, you will see a panel with brief information on the report. This panel also contains the following links:

  •  Print - prints a PDF version of the report.
  •  Email - sends a PDF version of the report to emails of users and groups of your account or to separate emails. For more information, see Sending Report by Email.
  •  Export - shows a drop-down menu with the following items:
    •  Export to CSV - save report data in the CSV format
    •  Export to XML - saves report data in the XML format
    •  Export to PDF - save a PDF version of the report.

A report itself will be displayed below the panel with input parameters. Report data will be published in the form of a table, so that you could sort the data the way you need. To sort data in a table, click a corresponding column title. A small black triangle to the right of the column title will show the sort order (ascending or descending). Clicking the same column title again will toggle the sort order.


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