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To view a content item:
  1. Click the thumbnail of a given content item to go to the Course Information page.
  2. Click the Launch Course button on the right of the content item title.



Your content will be shown in a new browser window. If a new browser window doesn't open, make sure it's not blocked by your browser. If it is, allow iSpring Learn to open pop-up windows (add iSpring Learn web site to the exceptions).

You can bill your learners for viewing courses. For more information about paid courses, please check the Pay to View Courses and E-Commerce Settings articles.

Viewing PDFs

You can view a PDF document on the web in a special player.


Switch between the pages by clicking on the arrows on the screen or by pushing them on your keyboard. On the top of the screen you can fine-tune the scale, switch between the pages and choose whether to go over the document in normal mode or in the form of a book. You can also open the document in fullscreen.

To swap view modes, click on the book icon on the bottom of the screen. In the book mode, you can switch between the pages by clicking on the pages’ thumbnails. To enable thumbnails, click on the icon with four squares on it, and small images of each page will appear on the bottom of the screen:

To go to a needed page right away, simply click on its thumbnail.

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