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On the Settings page, go to the Additional Options tab and click User Portal

Here you can configure how your portal looks, change the welcome title and the instruction message, show or hide certain parts of your portal. To apply all the changes you've made, click the Save button.

Enable User Portal

Clear the Enable User Portal checkbox to forbid users to log into your portal. Now users won't be able to log into your portal and view private content they are normally allowed to open.

This option is enabled by default, so that users can log into your private portal and view all content they have permission to view.

Welcome titleChange the welcome text that is displayed on the homepage of your User Portal.
Instruction messageChange the instruction text that is displayed on the homepage of your User Portal.
Sort courses bySelect the default sorting value for courses in User Portal (Status, Title or Duration)
Enable historySelect the Enable history checkbox to show the History page. Now, users will be able to see their progress on the My History page.
Enable discussions Select the Enable discussions checkbox to let users discuss the content and share their ideas. Now users will be see the Comments area on the content item page.

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