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iSpring Learn allows you to upload some types of content directly through the web interface. So far the following types of content are supported:

  • PowerPoint Presentations (PPT)
  • Flash clips (.SWF files)
  • SCORM 1.2 or 2004 (all editions) packages (.ZIP files)
  • Reference documents (.DOC/XLS/PDF files)
  • Audio (.MP3 files)
  • Video (.MP4, .FLV files) 
  • iSpring-created content (courses, presentations, quizzes, simulations, flipping books) - packages for manual upload.

To upload a new learning material to iSpring Learn:

  1. Open the Content tab.

  2. Click the Add Course button and choose the type of content to add: File

  3. In the Upload window, click Browse..

  4. In the File Explorer window, choose the file on your computer and click Open.

  5. The title will be added automatically and will be the same as the name of the uploaded file. If you wish, you can change it. Add tags and the description and click the Upload button.

  6. Wait until the uploading process is over: you can track the progress bar in the Upload window. If you changed your mind and no longer want to add the material, click the Cancel Upload button.

  7. After the upload is over, there will be three options available: DoneManage Content and Upload one more.

  8. To go back to the Content List menu, click Done

  9. The file will be added to the Content List menu.

  10. To proceed to editing the uploaded content, click Manage Content

  11. You will be redirected to the content item page. Here you can change its settings, manage the access permissions, invite users to view it, run reports, and much more. To apply the changes, click Save

  12. To add one more file to the content list, click Upload One More.

If uploading content through the web interface fails, please refer to the iSpring FAQ baseiSpring Community Forum or contact our Support Team.
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