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Advanced tracking settings are available only for iSpring-created presentations and presentations with quizzes.

To change tracking settings for a content item:

  1. Go to the Manage course page by clicking the content title in the Content List
  2. Choose the Settings tab. You will see the current completion settings applied to a given content item.
  3. Adjust tracking settings for a given content item.

  4. Click the Save button to apply the changes.


Table 1. Tracking Options
Rate number of slides viewedSelect this checkbox, if you want to rate the number of slides a student views.
Rate quizzesSelect this checkbox, if you want to include quiz results to the final score.
WeightSpecify the weight factor to be applied to a given score. This way you can make one quiz more important than the other in the final score.
Max scoreSpecify the maximum number of points a student can get.
Custom passing scoreSpecify how many points a learner should earn to pass the course.
Lesson durationLimit your course duration in time.
Terminate lessonSelect this option to terminate the lesson when the time runs out.
Display messageSelect this option to display a message, when the time runs out.