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iSpring Learn allows you to send a PDF version of a given report to your users. To do it, click the Email link on the page with the report results.

The new Send Report by Email pop up window will open up.

You can specify the following details about the recipients:

  1. Specify recipients using one or several methods below:
    • Type email addresses of recipients manually in the Email addresses field. In this case, emails with a PDF version of the report will be sent to each email address.
    • Select user groups in the Choose groups panel. In this case, each member of a selected group will receive an email with a PDF version of the report.
    • Select separate users in the Choose users panel. In this case, each selected user will receive an email with a PDF version of the report.
    You should use at least one method. However, it's possible to combine all three of them - that is you can send reports to email addresses, specified manually, to groups of users, and to selected users at once.
  2. Customize message to be sent to your recipients with a PDF version of the report. This is an optional step. To preview your email, click the Preview message link. You can also view a PDF version of the report by clicking the Preview report PDF link.
  3. Click the Send Emails button. It will close the dialog, and you will see a notification that emails with the report have been sent.
If you were notified that the system failed to send emails to some users, make sure that you typed all emails correctly in the Email Addresses field or in user profiles. If all email addresses are correct and the email still wouldn't be sent, contact our Support Team.
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