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Self-registration means that the user will be able to register iSpring Learn LMS account by himself (without administrator involved) afterwards he gets the link to view private content in iSpring Learn LMS.

To allow self-registration:

  1. Go to the Settings page, choose the Additional Options tab, and click Self-registration

  2. Select the Enable Self-registration checkbox, choose additional options if you want and click Save.

Table 1. Self-registration Settings

Confirm email addressDuring the self-registration process, the system may send a confirmation email. Users must follow the link in the email to activate their accounts on iSpring Learn.
Enable Domain Limitation for new accountsThis function allows you to restrict access to the LMS from unknown domains. Administrators can specify the allowed domains in the settings. Then, the self-registration process will only be available to those using email addresses from a specified domain.

Now, you can share a link to your course with someone on the web in the blog, social network or any other website. Anyone who would like to view the material can follow the link, sign up and take a course.

You can even let a new user to self-register to a specific group or organization. Please check out this video lesson to learn how to do it. 


You can add new fields to the self-registration form or remove some of them in the People section under the User Profile Fields tab. 



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