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You can clear the data and cumulative time statistics for who, when and how interacted with your content. It’s possible to reset statistics for users, groups, and organizations.

On the Settings page, go to the Additional Options tab and click Reset Statistics.


Please follow the steps below to clear statistics:


  1. Select the content item. To locate the item, start typing its title in the Search field. Tick the right variant of the matches suggested by the system.

  2. Select users and groups. You can pick all the users related to a specific organization, tick a group or multiple groups of users, add individual users. To locate a specific user, start typing his or her first name, last name, login or email and choose the right variant of the system suggestions. 

  3. Click Continue.

  4. On the next page, you will see a short summary of the selected items: a content item, an organization, group(s), user(s).

  5. To get back and change criteria, click the Edit List link. 

  6. To clear statistics, click the Reset button.

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