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You can delete users if your role in the LMS allows you to do it. There are two ways to remove users in iSpring Learn.

A user can be deleted on the Edit User page.

  1. Click the user's name in the Users list.

  2. On the Edit User page, click Delete User

  3. In the Delete User pop-up, click Delete to confirm your intent.

The second method of deleting is appropriate when you want to remove multiple users at once, but works for a single user removal as well.

  1. Check the box on the left of the user's name in the Users list.

  2. Click the Delete link in the upper menu.

  3. In the Delete Users pop-up, click Delete to confirm your intent.

The account owner cannot be deleted. Also, users can't delete themselves on their own.

When users are deleted from the account, the statistics on them doesn't get automatically erased. To delete the stats on a specific user, read the Reset Statistics article.

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