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On the Content List page, you can create a folder to add there content items on the same topic or put together a series of courses designed for a specific group of users. 

  1. Click the New folder button. 

  2. In the opened New Folder window type the folder name and click the Create Folder button. 

  3. The folder has been added. It will appear in the list of content items. 

  4. You can create enclosed subfolders. To do this, you need to open the folder and click the New folder button. After that, enter the subfolder name and click the Create folder button. 

  5. You can add content items to the folder. To do this, open the folder, click the Add button, choose the type of content and upload it to the folder.

    The other way to add a content item to a folder is to move it on the Content List page.
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