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Now, your learners can enjoy the new User Portal interface. Right after login, they will see all courses and folders they have access to. The content page contains an image preview, a description and completion status of each course. Your learners can use three tabs in the sidebar to see the courses assigned to them:

  • To Do - obligatory to complete,
  • Completed - the finished ones.

In this Courses homepage, a user can look through the assignments and navigate to the detailed course information.

Additionally, your learners can quickly check on their progress. The course completion status is displayed on the course thumbnail:

  • Not started - content item has never been viewed.
  • Complete - content item has been viewed to the end (for all content types except quizzes).
  • Incomplete - content item hasn't been viewed, or has been viewed only partially (for all content types except quizzes).
  • Passed - quiz has been passed (your score is greater than the pass mark).
  • Failed - quiz has been failed (your score is less than the pass mark).

It also includes the viewing progress in percent (for all content types except quizzes) and percentage of correct answers (for quizzes only).

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