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To start accepting Authorize.Net payments, you need to configure your Authorize.Net merchant account details.

To obtain the API Login ID and Transaction Key, follow the steps below.

  1. Logon to your Authorize.Net account at
  2. Click Settings under Account in the main menu on the left.

  3. Click the API Login ID and Transaction Key link in the Security Settings section.

  4. Enter the Secret Answer to the Secret Question that you set up when you initially activated your account. Click Submit to generate the Transaction Key.

    Note: To change your Secret Question and Secret Answer go to User Profile -> Change Secret Question and Answer in your Authorize.Net account.
  5. Save your API Login ID and Transaction Key in a secure place on your computer.

    Note: Your API Login ID will be always available at the API Login ID and Transaction Key page. The Transaction Key will not be visible at any page in your merchant account interface. Be sure to record it in a secure location. To reset the Transaction key, repeat the previous steps. To reset the API Login ID, please contact the Authorize.Net customer support.
  6. Add response URL in your merchant account
    • Click Account from the main toolbar.
    • Click Response/Receipt URLs under Transaction Format Settings.
    • Click Add URL.
    • Enter the new URL: "https://<Your_Account_URL>/content/ecommerce/authorize/redirect"
    • Click Submit.

Next, enter the API Login ID and Transaction Key details in the E-Commerce Settings section of your iSpring Learn account, and you are ready to start selling courses.

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