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The catalog is a collection of additional courses available to all the account users. You can add to the catalog books on negotiation techniques and sign language, lections on psychology and leadership, drawing and cooking video tutorials. 

To start configuring catalog settings:

  1. Open the Additional Options tab and click Catalog

  2. On the Catalog page, you can enable or disable the catalog, change the welcome message and description, and add a catalog category. 

    Turn on catalogYou can enable and disable the catalog display. By default, the catalog is enabled.
    Welcome messageEnter the welcome text. The welcome message will be displayed above the list of catalog courses.
    DescriptionEnter the description text. The description will be displayed above the list of catalog courses.
    Add categoryAdd the catalog categories to assign the courses to. You can view the courses related to a specific category, manage the category (change its title, description, thumbnail image, activate or deactivate), delete the category.

  3. To preview the catalog, click Preview Catalog. In the newly opened tab, you will see how the catalog will look like for your users. 

  4. To apply the changes, click the Save button. 

Adding Categories

By default, all the courses go to No Category and will be displayed in the catalog root.

To add a new category:

  1. Open the Additional Options tab and choose Catalog. On the Catalog page, click the Add category button. 

  2. In the Add category window, add the category title, enter the description and add a thumbnail. Specify if the category is active. The inactive categories won't be displayed in the catalog. Click the Add button.

Editing Categories

  1. After the category is added, you can edit it. 

  2. In the Edit category window you can change the title, description, thumbnail image, activate, deactivate or delete the category. 

Viewing Category Courses

To view courses added to the category:

  1. Click on the eye icon next to the category name.

  2. In the opened tab, you will see how the catalog category and its courses look like in the user portal. 

Deleting Categories

To delete a category:

  1. Click the trash icon next to the category name.

  2. In the Delete category window, click the Delete button.

Adding Courses to Catalog

To add a course to the Catalog:

  1. Open the Manage course page and click the Settings tab.

  2. Check Add this course to catalog, select the category and click Save

  3. Now, this course is available to all the account users. If you want to manually select users who will have access to the course, tick Learners need administrator approval to view this course

Also, you can add to the catalog one or multiple courses in the Content section. 

To do this:

  1. Check courses and click the Add to Catalog link in the top menu. 

  2. In the Add to a Catalog window, select the category the course or multiple courses will be added to, specify if the administrator needs to approve users' requests to view the course and click the Add button.

Viewing Courses in User Catalog

  1. In the user portal, learners can open the Catalog tab and view the courses sorted by categories. 

  2. Here, a user can open any course and click Add to To Do button. 

  3. The selected course will be added to the To Do section. 

  4. If the course is flagged as available only after the admin's approval, the user will have to send a request to view it. 

  5. The administrator will see the request to take the course in the Dashboard section. 

  6. On the Catalog Requests page, the admin can approve or reject the course.


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