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You can allow regular users of iSpring Learn to run reports. 

  1. In the People section, open the Users tab. Click the name of users who will have access to the reports.

  2. On the Edit User page, open the Additional Permissions tab. 

  3. Check Allow to run reports for specified organization or group.

  4. Select groups or users to be included in the report. 
    Check Select all users in the organization to allow running reports on users of the organization.

    Select a group to allow students running reports on users that belong to it.

  5. Check Run reports for courses assigned to the specified organization or group. In that case, in the reports, there will be only those courses that are available to users of the selected organization or group.

  6. Click Save.

  7. The user will see the Reports tab in the user portal. Now, they can generate reports for the whole organization or selected groups within their own organization.

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