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Active Users Permissions

Active users have the ability to log in to their iSpring Learn account.

This option allows the administrator to keep user accounts in the system but designate them as inactive. Making a user inactive has the advantage of keeping historical data for reporting and analysis. No data loss will occur for the deactivated accounts if you want to free a position for a new user.

You can use this option in order to stay within the user limits of the pricing plan you selected. When the number of active users exceeds your license limit, all new user accounts become inactive.

Inactive users cannot:

  • Sign in to their iSpring Learn account.
  • Receive email notifications
  • Access their courses
  • Be assigned to a course

Inactive students are still visible to the administrator. User status is displayed in the Status column on the People page.

Admin can edit information about a user and reactivate his account if necessary. When reactivated, all user permissions will be restored automatically.

How to Immediately Deactivate a User

A user account can be suspended and reactivated on the Edit User page.

  1. In the General tab, switch the Active User slider to Off. Switch it back to On, to reactivate a user. 
  2. Click Save to apply the changes. 

Note: The Account Owner cannot be deactivated.

How to Automatically Deactivate a User On a Selected Date

With this new option, you can specify a future date on which the selected user will automatically be deactivated. In this way you can block inactive users from accessing their User Portal page and viewing courses. You can check the full list of restrictions for the inactive users above. 

To deactivate a user on a specified date:

  1. Click on a user name in the list of users. You will see the page where you can edit user details. 

  2. Switch to On in the Make inactive field.

  3. Click the calendar icon and pick the date on which the user status should automatically change to inactive.

  4. Click Save in the right upper corner to apply the changes. 

Deactivating Users in Bulk

Now, you can deactivate your users in bulk. To do it:

  1. Select the users that you want to activate or deactivate in the User List
  2. Click Deactivate in the top menu
  3. In the new window select the deactivation type: Deactivate now or Deactivate later.

  4. For the delayed deactivation, pick a date when the users should become inactive. 
  5. Click Deactivate.

All selected users will become inactive. Their status will change from Active to Inactive and will be displayed in the Status column. To reactivate users later, select them in the list and click Activate in the action menu.  


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