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The new version of iSpring Suite, with the brand-new TalkMaster and iSpring Cam Tool, puts even more power into the hands of busy developers. This unique functionality, delivered with a state-of-the-art user experience, can’t be found in standard e-Learning packages. New authoring options are implemented at the highest quality level, which is traditional for all iSpring software.

New Ready-Made E-Learning Templates and Assets

No more need to start with a blank slide, or browse through dozens of web pages looking for that very image which matches your course. iSpring Suite gives you quick access to a rich collection of course templates, photographic characters and backgrounds, icons, controls, and buttons. It’s all you need to build an efficient course, and even more.

Knowledge evaluation with simulations

Use dialogue simulations to precisely assess your learners: assign points for correct responses and negative points for inaccurate ones. As learners go through a dialogue, they accumulate points or get penalties, and the final score shows how well they performed.

New Tool to Create E-Books

iSpring Flip helps you turn your Word, PDF, or PowerPoint documents into e-books in just two clicks. Deliver e-books to your learners through your LMS, and keep track of what your learners are reading and how far they have progressed.

Quiz scoring by question groups

With the new version, you can assess multiple topics within a single test. Split questions into groups according to their topics or level of complexity and set a passing score for each of the groups.

Voice Overs in TalkMaster

Now you can record and manage voice overs for your conversation simulations inside the TalkMaster window. Also, you will learn how to perform bulk import of the entire audio voice over to the entire conversation simulation at once.

Recording Audio in QuizMaker 8.3

Now, iSpring QuizMaker offers a new way to add audio to your quiz questions. You can easily record and edit your narrations directly in iSpring QuizMaker. 

iSpring Audio Editor in QuizMaker

The Audio Editor in iSpring QuizMaker 8.3 provides all the functionality you need to create an audio narration fast and easy: noise reduction, cutting selected segments of the clip, adjusting the volume, etc

Improved Feedback in QuizMaker

Now you can record audio right within the add feedback window or import pre-recorded audio files. Moreover, you can enhance your feedback with images or equations and customize the color scheme of the feedback window. 

Microphone Setup Wizard

With the new Microphone Setup Wizard, you can setup your mic and achieve the best sound when using the selected microphone type. See more here ->

Video Lecture Player Customization

The updated Video Lecture player is even more flexible. Now you can choose a color sceme of the player elements, edit all texts and button labels, and configure its layout. 

Custom Characters and Backgrounds in iSpring TalkMaster 8.1

With the enhanced iSpring TalkMaster 8.1, you can add your own character or a custom background to your dialog scene. You can use photos of your colleagues or add your own background to put the learner in a familiar environment.

Bookmarking a Quiz Question 


The new Bookmark a question feature allows users to mark certain questions in the question list when they take a quiz. There can be several reasons to bookmark a question. A student might want to go back and check the answer before submitting the entire quiz.

Cropping Images in Quizzes and Books

You can use the new cropping tool to trim an image or delete unwanted parts of an image in a quiz or book interaction. Cropping removes or masks areas of a picture by reducing the vertical and horizontal edges.

Feedback on a Product

Leaving feedback on a product is now easier than ever. The fastest way to leave feedback is simply to click the Feedback button on the product toolbar.

iSpring Free Trial without Activation

Starting a free trial version of iSpring Suite 8.1 doesn’t require a trial key. With this update, you get faster access to all the new features of iSpring Suite. 

Open Sans Font in iSpring Players

Open Sans is now used in all iSpring presentation players, providing you with a fluent cross-platform experience. Previously, we used Arial.

iSpring Viewer is now iSpring Play

iSpring Viewer was renamed to iSpring Play. Starting from version 8.1, anyone who has the link can view your iSpring Cloud content with iSpring Play, download your presentation, quizzes and simulation for offline viewing without the Internet connection. 

iSpring ScreenRecorder is now iSpring Cam

The Screen Recording component on the ribbon is officially called iSpring Cam

New iSpring TalkMaster

The iSpring TalkMaster covers one of the most common cases for staff training. It helps design conversation scenarios for training employees to deal with customers more effectively. Conversation creation is fast and easy, like all activities powered by iSpring: just arrange questions and answers in a tree structure, add a character and a background from the iSpring Library. 


The New iSpring Cam Tool

Though this feature is essential for virtually all course creators, it is not common among leading e-Learning packages. With the iSpring Cam Tool, you can easily create screencasts by recording screen activity.

Convert recorded videos to mp4, upload them to YouTube, or insert onto your slides right away. Your screencast can be instantly edited and updated using iSpring Video Editor.



Brand New Video Lecture Player

The new 50/50 Video Lecture Player optimally combines presentation slides and explainer video in one window. The player is highly configurable. It allows viewers to rearrange the size of slides and video on the fly.

Updated Audio and Video Editor

The Audio and Video Editor in iSpring Suite 8 provides all the functionality you need to create effective and dynamic video lectures fast and easy: noise reduction, cutting selected segments of the clip, adjusting the volume, etc.

Playlists for Background Music

Now you can create audio playlists and apply playlist to any presentation slide using the enhanced Presentation Explorer interface. Moreover, you can adjust the background audio volume and use the Loop playback feature. 


New Preview Window

With the enhanced Preview window, you can preview the entire presentation or a particular slide on any device even easier. Just click the Preview button on the toolbar to check how it works.

Free Mobile App for iPhone

iSpring Play is a free app that allows users to save presentations and e-Learning courses right on their devices for viewing later, even without an Internet connection. Do you like iSpring Play on your iPad? Then you’ll love iSpring Play on your iPhone! Now, you can offer your users the option to open their courses right on their iPhones in a new and improved interface

The improved version of iSpring Play allows users to download a full list of content items simultaneously and still view a course at the same time in an adaptive "Miniskin” Player. 

Enhanced QuizMaker Interface

Authoring and editing quizzes and surveys is easier than ever before, thanks to the new, enhanced interface in iSpring QuizMaker 8, part of the new all-in-one e-Learning authoring toolkit, iSpring Suite 8.

Designing question slides, either one at a time or en masse, is a snap with the Slide View mode built right in alongside the Form View mode.

"Undo all actions" option in editor window

Any edits you make can be undone and redone by using either Quick Access menu or keyboard shortcuts CTRL+Z and CTRL+Y.

New enhanced toolbar with detailed quiz info

The enhances status bar at the bottom of the Quiz Maker Editor displays essential info about the selected slides. Moreover, you can zoom in and out of the slide area using the slider in Slide View mode. 


Option "Do not apply penalty for unanswered questions"

The name of the option speaks for itself. There will be no penalty for leaving a question unanswered. On the other hand, a penalty can be still applied for incorrect answers. 

Option to display results in Points or Percentage

With this new option, you can choose how you want to display results on the final slide: points and/or percentages.

Changing fill color of radio buttons, checkboxes and hotspot markers

If you'd like to use custom fill color for radio button and check box controls, select a new color in the Player Color Settings. Additionally, you can select a custom fill color for hotspot markers.

Audio Playback Settings for Interactions

Once you added a supplementary media file to the interaction, you can specify additional options for it in Directory, FAQ, and Timeline interactions. Now, you can define whether a user will be able to see the playback controls when watching or listening to the audio file. 


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