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To upgrade from your Business license to a Concurrent license, follow the steps below: 
  1. Install the new product without uninstalling the old one. You can use this video instruction to install iSpring Suite.
    If your product verion is 8.3.1 or higher, a fresh installation is not necessary. You can check your version in the About window. 
  2. Open iSpring Suite and click About on the toolbar.

  3. In the About window, click Change License Key

  4. The Activation Wizard window will pop up. Keep the checkbox 'Enter another license key' selected and click Next.

  5. Insert the concurrent license key and click Next. Use the same key that you specified for the License Server activation.

  6. Specify the computer name where the License Server is installed. If both client and server parts are installed on one and the same computer, then type in ‘localhost’.

  7. In the ‘Use port’ field, specify the same port that you indicated in the Server License Management Console. The default value is 9979. Click Next.

Your product is now activated. You can start using the iSpring product if there are any available connections (floating licenses) on the server.



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