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Notifications might be viewed in the iSpring Learn account and as an email message.

Viewing Notification in iSpring Learn

When a user receives a notification, a digit appears next to the bell icon at the top right corner. To view the notification, a user should click on it.

In the opened window, the user can view the notification. 

To view all the notifications, users should click View All. They will see the list of notifications they have received earlier. There is detailed information for each notification here: the name of the event that triggered the notification, time of the notification arrival, and the description of limitations of a material or an event if there are any (like the completion date of a course). 

If a user has read all the notifications, they can be marked as read on the same page. The digit showing the number of notifications next to the bell will then disappear. 

To make a notification unread again, check the radio button in the most right column. A digit will appear next to the bell. 

Enabling Email Notifications

To receive email notifications: 

  1.  Users should put their email in the profile;

  2. The option to receive the email notifications should be ON in the user account. To access notifications settings in the user portal,  users should click the bell, then choose View All and open the Settings tab. There, shift the toggle to the On position.

Even if the email option is disabled in the notifications settings, users will still receive alerts from admins (e.g., content assignment notifications) and account management emails (e.g., alerts about login info updates, etc.)

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