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In iSpring Learn, there are 5 standard roles:

  • Account Owner
  • Account Administrator
  • Department Administrator
  • Publishers 
  • Learners

Account Owner is a user with the broadest permissions. If you create an iSpring Learn account, you are automatically assigned as Account Owner. The owner cannot be edited or deleted, and takes full control of the account, including access to billing options. 

Account Administrators are users who help the owner to manage the system. Admins have the same set of permissions as the account owner but don’t have access to billing options .

Department Administrators are users who have full access to user management within their own department.

Publishers can add or remove content items and assign content to students within a department they manage.

Learners are regular users who have access to courses assigned to them and view their activity history, events they are invited to attend, their acheivements, view and study content placed into the Catalog, exchange messages with experts, administrators and publishers.

Table 1. User roles and permissions

Changing PasswordYesYesYesYesYes
Viewing ContentAll contentAll contentAll contentAll contentOnly permitted to view
Accessing ReportsAll reportsAll reportsReports within their own departmentReports within their own departmentOnly personal history
Publishing, Managing and Deleting contentYesYesYesYesNo
Managing UsersYesYesYes (within their own department)NoNo
Managing GroupsYesYesYes (within their own department)NoNo
Managing Publishers and AdministratorsYesYesYes (within their own department)NoNo
Changing Account SettingsYesYesNoNoNo
Managing Account MembershipYesNoNoNoNo


Account Owner



Department Administrators



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