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You can set up the following settings for your iSpring Learn account:


Select the timezone for your iSpring Learn account and click Save.

Strong Password

To enable strong passwords in your account, check Enforce strong passwords and click Save.

If you switch on this option, your users will use a strong password. A strong password should consist of Latin letters (a-z, A-Z), contain at least one capital letter (A-Z) and one number (0-9). Its length should be 6 characters and more. 

If this option is disabled, users may enter a simpler password that consists of 6 and more characters without any extra requirements. 

Deleting Users while Importing from XLSX

Select this option if you want to delete all existing users when importing new ones via a XLSX file.


To protect the account from spammers and bots, enable CAPTCHA and click Save.

This computer test will help to determine if the user attempting to access the system is a human or a program.

If CAPTCHA is enabled in your account, users will have to pass through the 'I'm not a robot' test every time they sign in.

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