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While adding or editing a category, specify departments for which the category will be displayed in the Catalog section.

Let's say, you want to show the Product Training category only to the Sales department. 

  1. Start editing the category.

  2. In the Edit Category window, choose a department whose users will see the category and its content. In our case, it's the Sales department. 
    If the department contains daughter departments, their users will also get access to the category. For example, Sales Reps is a daughter department of the Sales department, and now all its users will see the Product Training category in the Catalog.

  3. Finally, click Save.

That's it! Now the Product Training category is available to learners belonging to the Sales department and its daughter departments. 


  1. The preset category is always open to all departments. The list of departments which can see this category cannot be edited.

  2. You can add an unlimited number of departments who will have access to the category.

  3. If you delete a department, it will be removed from the category settings. 

  4. If users who had access to the category were moved to another department which is not permitted to view the category, it will be no longer available.

  5. The requests to take a course will remain active in the admin portal if:

    • learners applied to view an item before they were transferred to another department which doesn't have access to the category;

    • users sent a request to study a content item, and later the department they belonged to, was removed from the category access settings;

    • the course students applied to take was transferred to another category which is not visible to the department they belong to;

    • the category the requested content item belonged to was deleted;

    • a daughter department was moved to another parent department which doesn't have access to the category. 

    For instance, the Product Training category is available for the Sales department and its daughter department, Sales Reps. John Smith from the Sales Reps department sends a request to take a course from the Product Training category.

    Later, the Sales Reps department is moved to another parent department called Marketing which doesn't have access to the Product Training category in the Catalog. However, John's request remains active in the admin portal.

In all those cases, if the administrator approves an application, the course will appear in the My Courses section of the user portal, and the student will start viewing it. 

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