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Zoom offers lots of convenient and useful options and setting to hold a webinar. On the company website, you will find instructions on how to run a video webconference and, on their Youtube channel, there are lots of clips explaining how to work with the application. 

In our article, we will go with the most important functions of the Zoom application. 

  • While running a webinar, switch between different modes: Gallery View and Speaker View
  • Enable and disable video and audio with the Mute/Unmute and Start/Stop Video buttons.
  • The webinar recording will start automatically. At any moment you can pause the recording and restart it, and also stop it completely. The recording will be converted into the MP4 format and downloaded to your computer after the webinar is over.
  • While holding a webinar in the Zoom application, you can share your screen, a blackboard, any active application, a screen of your iPhone or iPad, a part of a screen, content from the second web camera, audio saved on your device with participants.
    To do this, click Share on the application console.
  • To get a webinar livestreamed to Facebook and/or Youtube, hit the More button and click the needed option.
  • To start managing participants, click More button and then select Manage Participants.
  • If you want to start communicating with participants in the chat, click More button and then select Chat.
  • A webinar might be finished in iSpring Learn or in the Zoom application itself. To do this, click End Meeting.
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