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As soon as users complete a course, they can leave a review about it and submit a star rating. 

  1. Open a course and select the Reviews tab. Then, click the Please leave a review to help us improve this course line.

  2. Now rate the course and type your review. Then click Post.
    A learner can rate a course from 1 to 5 stars without typing a text review. However, a text review can't be left without a star rating. 

  3. Your review is posted. Now, it will be seen by other users who are enrolled in the course, learners who open the course in the Catalog, and the administrators.

    If there are a few reviews posted for the course, an average rating will be displayed under the Reviews tab, This is calculated as the arithmetic means of all ratings submitted to the course. 

  4. Users can edit the text review at any time, change the star rating, or remove the review.

A student can leave only one review per course.  However, if a review has been deleted, the user can post another one.

Review Notification

If a learner hasn't left a review on a course within 24 hours of its completion, a notification asking the learner to write a review will arrive at the notifications center in their account.

When the student clicks on the notification, the course on which they are supposed to leave a review will open. 

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