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There are the following ways to navigate over the user list in iSpring Learn:

You can sort users by name (users will be displayed in the alphabetical order or vice versa), by status, department, group, or role.

To sort users by name, click on the title of the corresponding column. A small black arrow will show in which order (in the alphabetical order or vice versa) users are sorted.

For all other columns, you can select which users should be shown. Let's take the Role column as an example. Open the menu and check the roles you need to be displayed as a result. The sorting algorithm works the same way for the rest of the columns.

To search users by name, last name, login, or email, use the search bar above the user list. To clear the search bar, click the cross. 

You can choose how many users should be shown on the page: 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50.

Also, you can swipe through the pages of the user list. To do this, use arrows or manually enter the page number. 

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