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There are two ways to join a webinar.

The first one is to open the webinar page in the iSpring Learn account.

  1. Right after the webinar started, all invited participants receive notifications in their iSpring Learn account.

    Or, you can simply find the webinar in the events calendar, click on its title and then hit the Edit or More button.

  2. On the webinar page, click Join.

    After the Join button is hit, the webinar will be opened in the Zoom application if it is installed or in a browser if the application cannot be set up to the device.

The second method is to click a link in the email which arrives after the webinar has started to all previously invited participants. When learners click this link, they will join the webinar.

Statistics on participants under the Participants tab and in the reports will be available only for those who joined the webinar by one of above-described ways: by clicking on the notification or the event in the iSpring Learn calendar or following the link in the email that arrives after the webinar started.

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