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As soon as you click the Save button, a new Participants tab will appear on the event editing page. Open it and click Invite Users.

Department Administrators, Publishers, and users with a custom role may invite only those users who belong to the departments they manage or their sub-departments. 

In the opened window, add learners who will receive invitations and edit the invitation text. After that, look through the list of possible participants.

Adding Participants

At the Users step, select participants who will be invited to the meeting.

  1. Start typing the name, last name, login, or email of a user. As soon as the system suggests matches, left-click on the right one.

  2. If you failed to find a needed user, take advantage of the Advanced Search option.

    Here, the following filters are available:

Invite all users belonging to a specific department or multiple departments. For instance, invite to the Rules of Effective Negotiating webinar the entire Sales department.

Department AdministratorsPublishers, and users with a custom role will see only those departments they manage and their sub-departments.

Also, you can choose an entire group users to be invited to your training. Let’s say, you can enroll all learners from the SMM group into the Digital Advertising webinar.

Filtering by other parameters works the same way. Sort users by a specific value and assign them courses to pass.  

3. To remove a user from the participants list, click on the cross next to their name. If you want to clear the list completely, click the Delete All link.

To move to the next step, click Next or select Notification.

Invitation Text

At this stage, edit the notification that will be sent out to the event participants.

  1. In the Invitation Message box, enter a new invitation message if you need.

  2. When you are done, click Invite.

  3. Learners will receive notifications in their iSpring Learn accounts. 

    Also, participants will get invitation letters to their email address (in case it is put into the profile). They can click Confirm Attendance link in the email.

    After confirmation, learners will receive a message about their successful registration on a meeting, and will be able to add an event to the Outlook calendar in the .ical format.

  4. Users invited to the webinar or the web meeting will appear under the Participants tab.


Viewing Participants

You can view participants list on the event editing page under the Participants tab.

Under this tab, you will see only those participants who were invited through iSpring Learn.

Here, the following information is available:

  • Name, last name and login
  • Participation confirmation
  • Participation
  • Duration

Before the webinar or the web meeting started, you can delete participants from the list by clicking on a cross next to their name. Also, you can export the user list to a CSV file.

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