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If you a list of users, import it into iSpring Learn with an Excel file. As a result of the import, new departments will be added to existing ones.

To add departments in bulk with an XLSX file:

  1. Open the Users section, select the Departments tab., and hit the Import button.

  2. In the Import Departments window, download a sample XLSX file to your computer. 

  3. Add information about departments into the template.

    In the template, there are three fields:

    Department name — a required field.
    Department code — an optional field (you can leave it blanc).
    Parent department code — a required field.

    Keep the file structure intact to make sure the import will successfully go through.

  4. Then go back to the Import Departments window and click Browse...

  5. Locate the file on your computer and click Open.

  6. Finally, click the Import button.

  7. The importing process is completed. In the Import Results window, you can copy the import statistics and hit Done.

  8. Departments from the Excel file are now added to the list.

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