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After users submit an assignment for review, admins will receive a notification about the review request in their account and to their email address (if this type of alert is enabled). Additionally, they will see the assignment in the Ready for evaluation area on the Dashboard.

To view all assignments ready for evaluation, you can run the Assignment Results report. Learn how to generate this type of report in the Assignment Report article.

To grade a user's attempt:

  1. Click Evaluate the Answer.

  2. You will get to the User Attempts page. Here you can read the user's answer, download files if there are any, and check the completed assignment.

  3. Grade the assignment and put your mark in percent into the Completion Score field. You can comment on the assignment and attach files to it. 

  4. If the completion score is equal to the passing score or higher, the assignment will be accepted; if not - declined.
    Users can see their score on the Assignment page. 

    They can make another attempt to pass the assignment if there are any attempts left. 

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