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The games approach makes the learning process entertaining and increases learners' motivation. Enable Gamification in your iSpring Learn account and your students will receive points and badges for completed courses and will be able to check their progress with leaderboards.

To enable gamification:

  1. Open the Settings section, click the Additional Options tab and select Gamification.

  2. Check Enable gamification and specify how many points learners will receive for different content types.

  3. Click Save.


Set the fixed number of points that are given to a user for completing a training material. For instance, you can give 10 points for every video lecture and 50 points for every quiz. This comes in handy when there are lots of materials uploaded to the account.

Assign a different number of points for completing:

  • compound courses,
  • content items that are supposed to be evaluated (assignments) or gaining a certain number of points (quizzes, dialogs, or SCORM  courses),
  • content items that need to be viewed till the end (like longreads or Powerpoint presentations).

You can assign an individual number of points for completed courses. 

Users will receive points for all courses they complete even if the courses are overdue.

You can restrict viewing courses after the deadline expires under Availability on the Edit Course page. 

The administrator can give and remove points manually. Learn how to do this in the Viewing User Achievements article.


Your users can be awarded digital badges for earning points and completing courses. For instance, you can award them with a new badge for every 100 points they have earned or give them the title of the Best Negotiator for the passed course on cold-calling techniques.

To add a new badge:

  1. On the Gamification page, select the Badges tab and click the Add Badge button. 

  2. On the Create Badge page, fill in the fields and click Save.

  3. The new badge will be added to the badges list. Now you can remove or edit it.

Badges are awarded for completing overdue content if the material is permitted to be viewed in its availability settings after its deadline expires.


Leaderboards help you to evaluate students' progress. You can check the effectiveness of the training process for a certain group or a specific department. For example, checking the results of newcomers will allow you to choose the best candidate for a certain position. 

To view the user leaderboard:

  1. Open the Reports section and select the Leaderboard report.

  2. Choose a department or a group and click Run Report. If you need, select Include nested departments.

  3. Now you will see the leaderboard for the chosen department or group.

The position in the leaderboard, badges, and certificates can be viewed in the Achievements tab on the user profile page. Students can check their progress in the Achievements section of their accounts.

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