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Export your reports to CSV and XLSX formats. Exported files can be saved to a computer, printed out, or sent via email to colleagues. 

Quiz and Dialog Details reports can be exported to PDF. Learn how to do this in the Exporting Reports to PDF article.

Create a report and click the Export menu. Then, select the desired format, and the file with the report will be saved to the Downloads folder on your computer. 

The exported file will contain current report data, taking into account filters and available columns.

Exporting to XLSX

Open the XLSX file with Microsoft Excel. This format provides great opportunities for data processing and diagram creating. 

Exporting to CSV

CSV is a more technical format that allows you to upload data to third-party applications. Learn more about the CSV format in this article

Use Microsoft Excel to open CSV files. But sometimes, when a CSV file is opened in Excel, the report data is shown incorrectly. For instance, the program may recognize the percentage of training equal to 12.1% as January 12.

To avoid this:

  1. Create a new Microsoft Excel worksheet.

  2.  Next, open the Data tab.

  3. Then click New Query, select From File and choose From CSV.

  4. Locate the exported file on your computer and click Import.

  5. Choose encoding and a delimiter for the report. Finally, click Load

  6. Now, all the data in the report, opened in Excel, is displayed correctly.

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