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If you are using another LMS apart from iSpring Learn or simply want to share your course with other trainers, convert a longread that you have created into a SCORM course. 

 Learn more about SCORM

SCORM is an international standard for online courses. If you course is published to SCORM, you can be sure that it will be most likely accepted by any modern learning management system (LMS). 

To export a longread to SCORM:

  1. Locate the longread in the courses list and open it. On the opened page, hit the Edit button. After that, click Export

  2. After that, set up exporting parameters. In iSpring Learn, there are two of them:

    1) LMS Profile

    There are two working version of the SCORM standard: 1.2 and 2004. Each of them has its own technical peculiarities and advantages. For example:

    Version 1.2 shows the progress in the reports run on the course. You will see how much a learner has already taken: "John Smith has viewed 70% of th course". As soon as John finishes the course, its status in the reports will be changed to Completed.Version 2004 provides with more detailed information. Besides progress and status, the reports will show how many scores John gained while taking the course and the quiz. 
    If you have already chosen an LMS where your SCORM course will be uploaded, just check which SCORM version it supports and pick it in the menu. 

    2) The number of chapters required to complete the course

    Specify which chapters (or all chapters) learners should take so that the course was completed.

  3. As soon as all parameters are set, click Export.

  4. The archived course will be saved to the Downloads folder on your device. And that is your SCORM package which is ready to be uploaded to any compatible LMS.
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