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As with course statuses, module statuses can be edited manually.

This can occur when a learner already studied the module when taking another course or passed it offline, outside of their iSpring Learn account. It makes sense that the administrator would manually change the module status to Completed, Passed, or Failed for this user, thus relieving the user from repeatedly seeing the module and maintaining the instance of having completed the module in the reports. 

Manual Status Editing

To edit a module's status:

  1. In the Courses section, select a course, and go to edit it.

  2. Next, open the Enrollments tab, select one or more users, and click Edit Enrollment.

  3. In the Completion Details section, select a module you want to edit the status for and click on the ellipsis next to it. In the menu, choose Change status.

  4. In the Module status menu, select the Completed, Passed, or Failed status

    Specify the completion date and the reason for editing the status, and click Apply.


    1. If the module is evaluated (it could be a quiz, a dialog simulation, or an assignment), enter the number of scores earned.

    2. By default, the completion date coincides with the status change date. The default completion time is 12:00. For example, 5/15/2020 12:00.

    Make sure you have clicked the Save button. If you click Cancel or close the sidebar without saving the changes, the module status won't be changed.

  5. The module status now been changed. The new status will appear in the Status column under the Enrollments tab as the course status will be recalculated.

    The user will see the module's new status when they open the course in the My Courses section of the user portal.

Module Statuses in the Reports

  • In the reports, an icon will appear informing the manual status change. When mousing over the icon, you will see who, when, and why changed the module status.

  • If the status of a quiz, dialog simulation, or assignment has been changed, the report on its completion will be populated with one more completion attempt with the manually added status.


  1. If you selected multiple users with different module completion statuses, you will see Different Values in the Status column.

  2. If needed, you can always edit the module status to Not Started with the Reset progress option.

  3. You can manually edit a module status right from the Learner Progress and Course Details reports.
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