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In iSpring Learn, you can create smart groups to automatically unite employees who meet certain criteria.

You define the set of rules for a smart group, such as a specific department or job title, and more. If users meet these conditions, they will be immediately added to the smart group. Once you create a smart group, you can enroll this group into the courses or run reports by this group.

  1. To create a new smart group, head to Users and open the Groups tab. There, click the New Smart Group button. 

  2. Start by entering the group name. 

  3. Then, select who will be added to the smart group. Click Add Rule and choose between different conditions like department, group, or any field in the user profile. 

    You can add multiple rules if necessary. If any of the selected conditions are met, users will be added to the smart group.
    In the example above, all users from the Sales and Marketing departments will be added to the smart group. 

  4. If you want to apply multiple conditions that all should be met at the same time, create another group of rules. Click on Add Group and specify the new set of conditions. In the example below, all users from the selected departments but only from Canada will be included in the smart group. 

  5. Finally, click Create at the bottom of the window. Done!
    The new smart group will be added to the list of groups and will differ from ordinary groups by the icon next to the name. Here you can change its settings or delete it. Now you can use it for user enrollments or running reports. 


  1. All administrators can see the entire list of groups. As for the group members, admins can see users from their managed departments. All other users will be hidden. 

  2. If a group includes a rule that is out of the admin's access level, then you can't edit the rule and the group. 

  3. After creating a smart group, you can't delete departments, groups or user profile fields that are used in the group rules. 
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