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After you have enabled the Questions and Responses feature, users will be able to send their questions about the course or the content items that are included in it.

To ask a question on the course:

  1. Open the course in the user portal, select the Questions and Responses tab, and then click Type your question here.

  2. Specify whether you want to set a question on the entire course or a particular module.

  3. After that, enter the question and hit the Post button.

  4. Your question has been sent. The administrator will see it in the Course Questions section in their account.


  1. Any user who is enrolled in a course can respond to other users' questions or reply to their own questions,

  2. Even if a user has been removed, their questions and responses are kept and shown on the course page.

  3. If there is an expert assigned to the course, they will receive a notification about a question asked through the Questions and Responses tab.

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