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Under the Notifications tab, you can manage alerts that arrive at learners' and administrators' emails and accounts. 

Enrolment Notification

Enable alerts which will be sent as soon as users are enrolled in a course. To do this, check Notify about new course enrollment and adjust the notification text.

Due Date Notification

Send your learners several automatic reminders when the completion date of the course is approaching.

To do this:

  1. On the Edit course page, in the Notifications tab, go to the Notify users section.
  2. Click Add Notification. You can add up to 3 notifications.
  3. Specify in how many days, hours, and minutes the platform should notify learners of the course’s completion date.
  4. Click Save.

Course Completion Notification

Add an alert that will notify administrators when students successfully finish a course. 

  1. Check Notify admins when a user completes the course.

  2. Add administrators who will receive these notifications. To do this, start entering a name, last name, login, or email. Left-click on the right match to choose.

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