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Specify how your students are supposed to take the course content items: sequentially or optionally.

  1. On the Edit Course page, open the Outline tab and click Course Settings.

  2. In the Course completion settings window, choose one of the options in the Module Navigation menu. Then, click Save changes.


    Users take required course modules one after another. They can proceed to the next required item only after they complete the previous one. 


    1. The required content items are selected in the Completion condition menu. 

    2. If you want your learners to pass all the course modules one by one, in the Completion condition menu, choose the Complete all modules option.

    3. If, in the Completion condition menu, you have chosen the Complete selected modules option, users will take one by one only those modules which are added to the selected modules list. 

    All the remaining modules, which are not required to complete the course, will be available to your students right after the course is assigned.


    Learners may take course items randomly, irrespective of any other content item completion.

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