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Check how a learner advances through a specific course. You may need this to make sure a student isn't lagging behind and offer some extra help if you notice they are experiencing difficulties.

To run a report on a course:

  1. Proceed to the Learner Results report.

  2. Then select a course and click the Completion Details button.

  3. A report with the completion results will open. Here, you will see all the course modules, their statuses, and statistics on them.


  1. The report accounts for all versions of a course.

  2. The report includes only those courses that have already been assigned to users, not scheduled automatic enrollments or enrollments planned within a learning track.

  3. If you cancel an enrollment that has been already passed and re-assign the content item to the learner, the report will contain the details of all the enrollments.

  4. If there are quizzes, dialog simulations, or assignments, proceed to quizzes and dialogs or assignments reports right from the Course Details report.

  5. You can edit the status of a module or a course manually right from the report.
    1. Click Edit Enrollment above the report results.

    2. Next, change the status of the module or the course and click Save.

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