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You can assign users to any other role or multiple roles except for the role of Account Owner.

  1. Go to the Users section and click on the user whose role you would like to change.

  2. Then, open the Access Level tab.

  3. By default, all users are assigned to the Learner role. This means that a user has access to a portal where he or she can study courses.

    Besides the Learner role, you can select other roles for a user: Account Administrator, Department Administrator, Course Author, or one of the custom roles

    To do this, click the Add role link and select one or more roles. If you assign the role of Department Administrator or one of the custom roles, specify the departments the user will manage.

    Finally, click Save.


  1. If you assign a user to the Account Administrator or the Department Administrator roles, the Course Author role will be assigned to them automatically.

    If you unassign the Account Administrator or the Department Administrator from the Course Author role, they won't be able to create courses any longer.

  2. To find out which permissions a user possesses, click on the Show User Permissions button.

  3. If you assign a user to the Department Administrator role or to a custom role, select one or more departments that they will manage.

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