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To analyze a training outcome, use the attendance statistics and generate reports on the event. 

Attendance statistics

Once the training is over, mark attendance manually. Open the Edit Training page and under the Participants tab, tick checkboxes under the Attendance column.

Event Reports

To run a report on a training, open the Reports section. In the Event area, there are two types of reports available: Attendance and Past Events


The Attendance report shows who of users attended training or multiple events. 

Choose a training or multiple events and a department or group you want to run a report on and hit the Run Report button. 

Print the report or export it to CSV, XML, PDF.

Past Events

With the Past Events report, you can check which trainings were held within the selected period of time. 

Select organizers and time range and specify if you need to show archived items in your report. Then, hit the Run Report button.

Print the report or export it to CSV, XML, PDF.

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