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There are three methods to add content into a course section. Once modules are added, you can edit, view, move or delete them and download and replace files for some of the content types.

Uploading Content from Computer

Supported types: SCORM 1.2/2004 packages, FLV videos, MP4 videos, MP3 audio, SWF, reference documents (PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT), offline packages of courses created with iSpring products.

  1. Unfold the Add menu and select Upload.
  2. In the opened window, click Browse...
  3. Locate a file on your computer and hit the Open button.
  4. A default title which coincides with the name of the uploaded file will auto-populate. Change it if you wish. 
  5. Add a description and click Upload file.

Creating a New Content Item

You can create a longread, link or assignment which will be part of your course. Just open the Add menu and select the content type you need. 

Further actions will be the same as if you created content items in the Courses section.
  • How to create a longread
  • How to add a link
  • How to create an assignment

Copying Content

  1. Unfold the Add menu and select Copy.

  2. In the Copy Modules window, select content items which will be included in the section. In the Content List area, mouse over an item you want to add to the course and click a green plus which will appear. 

  3. As soon as you select all the items to add to the course, click Continue.

  4. Next, choose a copying method: Separate Copy or Linked Copy. Then, click Copy.

    Separate Copy

    The content item will be copied from the Courses section. Its copy will be included in the course and will be independent of its original.

    Linked Copy

    With this option, the copied item will be dependent on its original. If you edit the original course, all its linked copies will be changed, too.

5. Selected items will be added to your course. 

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