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The following actions are available to perform over courses in iSpring Learn:

Editing Course

  1. To make changes to the course, open the Courses section, select a course and click the Edit Content link in the upper menu.

    One more way to proceed to edit a course is to right-click on it and choose Edit Content in the context menu.

    Or, simply left-click a course.

  2. Then, modify the course to your liking and click Save.

Previewing Course

If you would like to check how your course will appear to your users:

  1. Go to the Courses section and open the course you want to preview.

  2. Under the General tab, copy the preview link.

  3. Follow this link to see your course from the users' point of view.

Copying a Course

Create a full copy of a course and add it to the folder of your choice. 

  1. Open the Courses section and select a course. Next, click the Copy link in the upper menu. 

    Or, right-click a course and choose Copy in the opened menu.

  2. Now, select a folder you want to place the copied course in and click Copy.

    If there's already a course with the same name in the destination folder, rename it or cancel copying.

  3. The course is copied to the destination folder. 


    1. All modules in the copied courses will linked copies of the original course modules. So, if you edit the original course modules, this will affect the identical modules in the copied course — they will be edited, too.

    2. Let's say the original course (А) modules are linked copies of another course's (B) modules. In this case, the copied course (С) modules will be linked copies of the course (B) modules.

    3. If you copy a folder in which courses are stored, the courses will also be copied.
TabIs copiedIs not copied
OutlineCompletely (sections and modules, course completion settings)


Completely (title, description, recommended duration, tags, thumbnail, cover image, expert, reviews settings)-


Notifications settings (enabled/disabled), course due date reminder settings, and list of administrators who will be alerted about the course's completion
A course assignment notification text (it will be the default in the copied course)
AvailabilityDefault enrollment settings
Automatic enrollments rules and self-enrollment settings


Сertificates and gamification settingsRe-enrollment settings
Enrollments-Enrollments aren't copied
Reports-Reports aren't copied
Reviews-Reviews aren't copied

Adding Course to Catalog

There are three ways you can add a content item or multiple items to the Catalog. 

  1. The first option is to select a course or multiple items in the Courses section. Then, click the Add to Catalog link in the top menu.

    The second way is to right-click on the course and select Add to Catalog in the context menu. Also, you can check multiple items, then right-click and choose the Add to Catalog option.

    To use the third method, you should left-click on a course and choose the Availability tab on the Edit Course page. Here, check the Allow learners to enroll in a course from the Catalog option.

  2. If you apply one of two former methods, select a category the course will belong in the Add to a Catalog window. At the same place, specify whether users will need the administrator's approval to take the course. Click Add

  3. Your course or multiple items will appear in the Catalog section of the user portal.

Learn how to add a new category of the catalog and change its settings in the Catalog article.

Deleting Course

If you want to remove course you no longer need:

  1. The first way is to check a course or multiple items and click Delete in the top menu.

    The second option is to right-click on a content item and choose Delete in the context menu. Also, you can check several items, right-click, and click Delete in the context menu.

  2. In the Delete Content window, click Delete.

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