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In the Achievements section, users can view all badges and certificates that they received, check their rank in the leaderboard and the number of points they have earned.

To proceed to the section:

  1. Click on the photo at the top right corner.

  2. In the opened sidebar, select the Achievements section.

Information on the leaderboard, received points and badges will appear in the Achievements section only if gamification is enabled in the account.


Under the Leaderboard tab, employees can assess their progress respective to other department users. The more points a student earned, the higher is their rank in the leaderboard.


Users can earn points for viewing and passing courses. The number of awarded points can be set either in the gamification settings or in the properties of each course.

The administrator can award users with points and deduct them.


Users are awarded badges for courses they complete and points they earn. You can set up conditions for awarding badges in the Gamification settings. 


Users receive certificates for course completion if the certificate delivery is set in the course settings

Learners can download certificates and print them.

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