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To edit the iSpring Cam Settings, click on the Settings icon on the toolbar.

In the Settings window, you can customize the shortcuts, enable sound recording, and change the mouse cursor options.  


You can assign any custom shortcut key to manage the recording or use the default program shortcuts.  

  • F9 - Pause/Resume recording
  • Esc - Stop recording
  • F10 - Cancel recording
MicrophoneIf you want to record sound from your microphone, select the Microphone checkbox. 
Record system soundsIf you want to record system sounds from your computer, select the Record system sounds checkbox. 
Open new windows into recording areaAll new windows will open inside the recording area. It is useful if you demonstrate a software that includes multiple windows or use multiple monitors.
Show system tray iconIf you check this option, the iSpring Cam icon will be displayed in your system tray while you are recording.
Show mouse cursorYou can check this option if you want the mouse cursor to be displayed in your screen recordings.
Highlight mouse cursorYou can can turn it on to highlight the mouse cursor.
Enable mouse click soundsYou can turn it on and off to enable or eliminate the mouse clicking sound while recording your screen.
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