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Some question types allow to insert pictures or equations to answer choices. If they do, you will see the Add Picture and Add Equation buttons on choices added to such a question. 


Adding Picture to an Answer Choice

To add a picture to an answer choice:

  1. Click the Add Picture button on an answer choice.
  2. Choose a picture to add.
  3. Click OK.  


Adding Equations to an Answer Choice

To be able to insert formulas into your quizzes, you need to have the Microsoft Equation Editor installed. Usually, this program comes as a part of Microsoft Office installation.


  1. Click the Add Equation button on an answer choice. The Microsoft Equation Editor will be opened.
  2. Enter a formula in the editor.
  3. Close the editor.

The formula will appear in the answer choice. Note that you can add only a picture or an equation to one answer choice. If you already inserted a picture and then add an equation to the same choice, the equation will replace the previously added picture.

Removing Media 

To remove a picture or a formula from a given answer choice, click the cross sign at the upper right corner of the picture/equation.

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